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Imagine a heart-centered transformation in which you identify blind-spots, unblock barriers, and create an authentic reality for yourself where grace, ease and success awaits.

Our Approach

Our egos are so invested in believing the “mental maps” we’ve made about reality that we seldom realize our cognitive bias—how we assume that our conclusions about life are solid and complete. The truth is, our “mental maps” are highly subjective, and therefore incomplete and often faulty. This results in blind spots that lead to ineffective choices, toxic patterns, misunderstandings, and conflicts that hold us back from our true potential. The Clarity Compass approach, along with supporting tools such as the “Negative Statement” and “Core Symbol”, helps you pinpoint your blind spots, move through them, and broaden your perspective to invite new possibilities, so you can be freer, happier, and more effective.

Learn more about the Clarity Compass methodology in the book "The Clarity Compass".

Our Services

Leadership Coaching

Increase productivity and improve performance for the leader and those in the leader’s sphere of influence. This coaching helps to retain top-value leaders and manage an organization’s best talent. Our method offers a practical way to align strategic goals, cultural changes or business results with leadership behaviors.

Training & Development

Participants gain the skills and understanding they need to increase their contributions to the organization. The focus of the program is both on the individual’s personal role in advancing business goals, and on their group membership and collaboration synergy. This training helps people come together with the aim of becoming more effective in their interactions with each other as well as with other teams, management, and customers.

Custom Programs

Create the life you want and become more effective in everything that you do by pinpointing your blind spots, moving through them, and broadening your perspective to invite new possibilities, so you can be freer, happier, and more effective. We can create custom curriculums to address the specific needs of individuals and groups.

Our Leadership Team

What Our Clients Are Saying

I was fascinated by the effectiveness and simplicity of the Clarity Compass the very first time I learned it. I have decided to use it in my team after my return to Germany and I could immediately see the results: our meetings are now more effective, our communication is efficient, quick and goal oriented. We are driving actions with more focus and definitively getting better results.

Luca Dellacroce
Procurement Engineering Business Partner, Philips Health Systems

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