Are you tired of hitting up against your limitations?

Do you wish you could be more effective in everything you do?

What would it be like if you could walk confidently into any situation and automatically comprehend it, organize your thoughts, and respond creatively?

This kind of radical clarity is not only possible, it’s right in front of you—and The Clarity Compass: A Tool to See Clearly, Have Creative Conversations, and Create the Life You Want shows you the pathway to get there!

The Clarity Compass offers a unique and valuable set of concepts that help untangle the complexities of human interactions and move on to effective solutions. This book will become a must-read for all aspiring leaders and for individuals seeking insights into their own behavior.

Henry Schacht

Former CEO of Cummins and Lucent; Board of Yale, Chase, Johnson & Johnson, and CBS

This powerful book illuminates the simple truth that clarity of direction is not about having all of the right answers, but rather about asking all of the right questions. Poulson does a masterful job of guiding you through a process to gain insights that enable you to live with intention and integrity.

Lois P. Frankel

Author of Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

Most of us assume we’re seeing life clearly, but we’re not.

Our egos are so invested in believing the “mental maps” we’ve made about reality that we seldom realize our cognitive bias—how we assume that our conclusions about life are solid and complete. The truth is, our “mental maps” are highly subjective, and therefore incomplete and faulty. This results in blind spots that lead to ineffective choices, toxic patterns, misunderstandings, and conflicts that hold us back from our true potential. The Clarity Compass helps you pinpoint your blind spots, move through them, and broaden your perspective to invite new possibilities.

My mentor, the great Peter Drucker, said that our mission in life should be to make a positive difference, not to prove how smart or right we are. “The Clarity Compass” builds effectively on this premise, showing us how to let go of ego, see past blind spots and sharpen our understanding of the world around us. Well worth reading

Marshall Goldsmith

Executive coach and author of Triggers

Having used the Clarity Compass over the last five years, I believe it is the most powerful tool on the market to analyze and navigate complex situations and personal conflicts, at work and at home! It helped me to understand where other people were coming from and to develop strategies for the best ways to approach and deal with highly emotional situations.

Tjaard Swaagstra

VP of Procurement Engineering Philips Healthcare

Transformation Through the Two Polarities

The Clarity Compass is a cognitive framework that Dr. Brit Poulson developed through over 30 years of experience with leadership coaching and personal development work. It’s based on two fundamental skills you need to see and navigate life effectively, which Brit calls the Two Polarities. These are organized around the four directions of a compass:


North to South - Intentions to Actions

We all juggle a multitude of intentions, but how many do we actually put into effective action? Using this polarity, you’ll learn how to move from consciously choosing your intentions to implementing effective actions, thereby transforming your intentions into meaningful outcomes in your life.


East vs. West - Facts vs. Stories

We all create stories to make sense of life, but these subjective interpretations are often at odds with objective reality. In this polarity, we learn to discern the objective facts from our stories and examine our underlying beliefs on which our stories are constructed. In doing so, we illuminate significant blocks along your pathway to success.

Deeply understanding these polarities and learning how they work together is the key to forging a clear path toward your destination in life.

Creative Conversations

One of the key benefits of using the Clarity Compass is that you’ll have more of what Brit calls “Creative Conversations.” Creative Conversations are those that invite imagination and possibility, helping you shift beyond your current stance toward a positive outcome. They are the kind of human-to-human interactions that actually make a difference in creating the life you want. By applying the Clarity Compass, you’ll gain critical insight that will open your eyes to opportunities for Creative Conversations and be provided with the skills to navigate them.

Cash is not king. In a world so filled with doubt and mistrust, clarity is king. You will find no better guide to learning it, coming from it and teaching it to others than the guidance, wisdom, and clarity you will discover in the Clarity Compass.

Mark Goulston

Co-founder of Heartfelt Leadership and author of "Just Listen"

Practical Guidance

The book doesn’t just give you a theoretical understanding of how to gain more clarity in your life; Dr. Poulson provides you with clear, practical steps to develop the core competencies you need to start getting the results you want. As you explore the book, you’ll find:

A thorough description of all four directions of the Clarity Compass, each with three sub-directions to focus your energy on.
Case studies from Brit’s many clients who have successfully used the Clarity Compass to transform their own lives.
Hands-on practices Brit has developed to help you put your new skills to use immediately in any situation.
The Clarity Compass will help you deepen your understanding of the challenges in your life, integrate new competencies to boost your emotional intelligence and effectiveness, and awaken to exciting opportunities for your own growth, leadership, and success!

About the Author

Dr. Brit Poulson is the founder of Clarity Compass Consulting, a leadership consulting firm specializing in transformative executive coaching and leadership development programs. Brit has been integrating the fields of management consulting, business, psychology, and leadership coaching since 1983. He holds a Ph.D. in psychodynamic, Jungian and group psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute, an M.A. in Human Growth and Potential from the University of West Georgia, and a B.A. in Accounting and Business Administration from Troy University. He is the creator of the Clarity Compass™, a leadership development tool that supports people to see life clearly, wake up to exciting opportunities for their own growth and leadership, and take empowered action toward true success. Brit’s combination of business expertise, human compassion, and incisive questions help his clients achieve unprecedented results.

More Praise!

The principles at the heart of The Clarity Compass take empowerment to a new level.

Fran Fisher

Founding Member, International Coaching Federation

With the Clarity Compass, Dr. Brit Poulson has developed a powerful and simple tool for leading a group of high-performance individuals from different backgrounds by improving our decision-making process and building stronger team relationships. I strongly recommend it for current and future business leaders looking for impactful management tools.

Jose Luis Valls

President and CEO of Nissan Latin America

As a coach, I’ve used different techniques to affect personal transformation, like aligning intentions with actions, finding limiting beliefs, and writing life stories. The Clarity Compass is a simple and easy method that does it all. Better yet, Brit Poulson explains his method in an easy-to-read and engaging manner, and the resulting book just might be a life-changer for its readers.

Karen Phelan

Co-founder Operating Principals and author of "I'm Sorry I Broke Your Company"

Making lasting change in your life or career takes courage and requires overcoming a natural fear of something new. Dr. Poulson’s Clarity Compass is an ideal framework for becoming a more effective leader and enjoying life on your terms.

David Meerman Scott

Author of "The New Rules of Marketing and PR"

The Clarity Compass will guide you to reach your potential, shape your future, and discover your sacred self.

Dr. Eric Middleton

Ph.D, University of Michigan Medical School.

To navigate success in a start-up, a corporation, or simply a relationship, one needs relevant coaching and tools. Rarely can you find all of these in one place, but Dr. Brit Poulson has achieved this with The Clarity Compass. 

Christopher Smith

National Strategy Practice Lead at Grant Thornton, LLP

The Clarity Compass offers an accessible, yet potent approach to adeptly steer yourself towards your deepest desires and well-being. Dr. Brit Poulson weaves such heart, depth, and nuance into a very grounded, strategic path to disentangle from the patterns that hold you back from greater fulfillment in work and life. Putting this book’s wisdom into practice will most certainly catalyze your journey!

Dr. Deborah Zucker

author of The Vitality Map

The Clarity Compass can assist its users to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Dr. Brit Poulson has provided an ingenious tool that is provocative and challenging.  Not only can it change beliefs, it can transform lives.

Stanley Krippner

PhD, professor of psychology at Saybrook University

In the Clarity Compass, Dr. Brit Poulson shows us how to access the personal way-finder within each of us. This is a worthy resource for one who wants to take more personal charge of their response to these increasingly complex times.

Dan Leahy

Former President of LIOS (Leadership Institute of Seattle)

I’ve interviewed many of the most well known people in the self help field over the last 15 years and have read many books regarding personal development. The Clarity Compass is one of the best books I’ve read because of its direct simplicity.

Daniel Davis

Host of the Beyond 50 Radio Show

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