New ASPIRE Program Focuses On Supporting Women in Leadership

Clarity Compass Consulting announces the Fall 2023 launch of ASPIRE, a new program specifically designed to meet the needs of women in leadership. ASPIRE stands for authenticity, self-clarity, purpose, inspiration and resilience. The program provides a learning environment in which women leaders can connect as a community, and together work through the unique challenges faced by women in leadership, developing what can set them apart as authentic leaders.

The program, scheduled to launch in the Fall of 2023, is a 6-month online program, and is limited to a small group size in order to ensure an ongoing sense of closeness and community within the participants.  Participants are supported throughout the program, using proprietary tools to enhance self-awareness, overcome limiting beliefs, and increase confidence and effectiveness as a leader.

Plans for the program also include:

  • Six 90-minute ASPIRE guided community discussions
  • Monthly peer work-experience and integration workshops
  • Six 60-minute 1:1 leadership coaching sessions
  • Downloadable guide and workbook
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Small group program size
  • Ongoing membership in the Clarity Compass ASPIRE Community

Additional details for ASPIRE will be available later this year on the company’s LinkedIn page Clarity Compass Consulting.  Or, you may learn more by emailing

About the Company:

Clarity Compass Consulting is a premier leadership consulting group, dedicated to providing support and guidance for individuals and groups into having deeper insights about themselves and others, resulting in an elevated richness in living and a bountiful work life, specifically through the use of the Clarity Compass tool.  More information about the company can be found at:


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