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Our goal at Clarity Compass Consulting is to support individuals, teams and organizations in powerfully transforming to their next level of well-being and effectiveness. We provide support and guidance for individuals and groups into having deep insights about themselves, others and the world that provides richness in living and a bountiful work life specifically through the use of the Clarity Compass tool.

The idea of the Clarity Compass started in 1984 when Brit was a management consultant working with companies that were just beginning to become major organizations. As their world continued to become more and more complex, Brit saw a way to provide a framework that would break down those problems into more simple and conquerable issues. This framework continued to evolve as he worked on his PhD and also brought into play mental maps and individual paradigms. That original framework has become the Clarity Compass tool and is now used in both training courses and one-on-one coaching.


Kimberley Martonik

Leadership Consultant & Coach

Kim is a leadership coach and consultant with more than two decades of experience in strategy, marketing, team leadership and customer engagement.  As a dynamic and charismatic leader, Kim understands the value of human connection and the power of strong leadership skills.  She has successfully led cross-functional teams through transformational change in highly matrixed organizations and is passionate about helping others develop their own leadership skills.

During her tenure at a leading (17.3B € revenue) healthcare company Kim’s accomplishments include: leadership of the Marketing function in a number of different businesses, the development and implementation of multiple global product development and launch strategies, the integration of two acquired companies and support of North American Sales teams.

As a coach, Kim combines her business experience and ability to connect with others in order to help them gain self-awareness, clarify their goals and explore what may be blocking for them from achieving their goals and unlocking their potential.

Kim holds a BA from University of Washington and an IMBA from MindfulNYU.

Brit Poulson, PhD

Senior Consultant & Leadership Coach

Brit is the owner and principal of Clarity Compass Consulting, a leadership consulting firm specializing in transformative executive coaching and leadership development programs. Brit has been integrating the fields of management consulting, business psychology, and leadership coaching since 1983.

Brit earned a Ph.D. in psychodynamics and group psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute. He also has an M.A. in human growth and potential from the University of West Georgia and a B.A. in Accounting and Business Administration from Troy State University.

Brit has been a psychology professor at four different U.S. universities and at Nankai University in China, as well as instructing at Inlingua in Italy. Brit’s rich experience includes his work as a Dale Carnegie course instructor, public speaker, psychotherapist in private practice, corporate trainer and executive coach. Brit was the lead facilitator for all of LIOS/Saybrook University public programs and is adjunct faculty for both the clinical and leadership masters programs. Brit’s combination of business expertise, human compassion, and incisive questions help his clients achieve unprecedented results.

Book Author: “The Clarity Compass: See More Clearly. Have Creative Conversations. Live the Life You Want.”

In the Media: Brit has appeared as an expert for a number of media outlets across television, print, and radio including ABC’s First Coast News, CBS Boston and the American Management Association.  You can read more and access archives of Brit’s media events here.

Partial List of Clients:
He has provided leadership support to organizations such as Philips Healthcare; Rabobank (De Lage Landen); T-Mobile; Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt; Immunex/Amgen; Microsoft; ARRYVE Consulting; IDRI; Philips Consumer Lifestyle;  Xerox of Canada; Canadian Pacific Railway; Blue Cross Blue Shield; Amazon.com; Stantec; Epic Games (Fortnite) and many others.

Certification: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ®
Membership: Seattle Jung Society (Former President & Board of Directors)

Josh Neil

Consultant & Leadership Coach

Josh knows that leadership can be a lonely journey. He is very grateful that his clients lean on him as a confidant, allowing him to challenge and encourage them as they fully step into themselves. Josh thrives on helping clients navigate setbacks and growth at the personal, interpersonal, strategic and tactical levels. He believes a business coach needs to know what questions to ask, when to gently nudge, and when to really push a client.

Through his coaching, Josh also helps clients learn how to listen actively, understand others’ perspectives, and communicate with what he calls “empathetic candor”. He also works with leaders and teams to facilitate difficult conversations, paving the way for operational breakthroughs and enhanced communication.

From being a touring drummer to a professional wedding photographer to a general contractor to a CPA and business professor at large universities, Josh has done a bit of everything. As he reflects on his own career, it’s clear to him that relationships, emotional intelligence, and communication skills have played a major role in the successes he’s had. For several years, Josh was the lead accounting faculty professor in the Evening MBA Program at the University of Colorado, which is comprised of professionals with 5-20 years of work experience. The relationships he built with these students led him down the pathway of consulting and coaching professionals. He is currently a Teaching Associate Professor and the Director of the MS Accounting and Taxation Programs at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

He holds a BA and MSBA from Oklahoma State University. 

Amanda Saurin, M.S.

Leadership Consultant & Coach

Amanda Saurin is an executive coach, talent management specialist, and business advisor.  For the past two decades, she has been studying what it takes to be an exceptional leader. She believes in taking a look at the entire self to understand what shifts need to happen to make real change.  Amanda was trained as an executive coach by Hudson Institute of Coaching and has spent most of her coaching career working with senior leaders (Directors, VPs, C-suite). Her coaching approach is designed to increase self-awareness, consider alternative perspectives, remove blockers, build confidence, and experiment with strategies that will allow the leader to optimize their leadership style. 

Prior to becoming a coach, Amanda worked in talent management, HR strategy, and employee engagement for both Industry (Amazon, Home Depot, Personnel Board of Jefferson County) and Consulting (Gallup, KPMG, I/O Solutions). Amanda holds a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology.  She also serves on the advisory board for Honest Culture, an employee engagement company striving to create inclusive workplaces. 

Martha Hallman

Leadership Consultant & Coach

Martha has held a variety of executive leadership positions across a multitude of industries and organizational structures.  During her 35-year career of building high-performance cross-functional teams, her focus has centered on empowering individuals to find and reach their personal and professional goals.   Within her recent marketing director role, she prioritized a strategic effort for sales channel training and development to improve sales performance, team dynamics, channel engagement and overall representative loyalty and satisfaction.  For more information on professional and career highlights, please visit http://linkedin.com/in/mhmba

Currently living on a 12,000 acre nature preserve in central New Mexico, Martha continues with her devotion to provide support to organizations and individuals interested in formulating and achieving new goals, and addressing key challenges.  Her passion for travel led her to an acting role as Chief Marketing Officer for a start-up company aimed at developing a new online platform for adventure travel planning. She also supports local community groups for fund-raising and volunteer recruitment & development, as well as mentoring for the New Mexico Business Professionals of America. 

As a coach, Martha is zealous about helping clients harness the Clarity Compass as a proven leadership tool designed to support individuals to be more effective and skillful in getting out of their own way, to where they want to be – with greater speed, grace and ease.  She provides guidance through the process for uncovering solutions through empathetic listening and assisted self-discovery, leading to transformational “aha!” moments and positive outcomes.

Martha earned a Bachelor Science of Management degree and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Tulane University.

In her free time, you can find Martha exploring the world, hiking mountains, running marathons, snorkeling reefs, kayaking rivers, cycling hills, or just enjoying the quiet solitude of wildlife and nature photography.

Casandra Beam

Consultant & Leadership Coach

Casandra, Leadership Consultant and Coach with Clarity Compass Consulting, has more than 25 years of experience in training, curriculum development, operations management, customer service, organizational and leadership development, grant writing and public speaking. She has worked equally in profit and nonprofit environments, and offers compassion, humor, and non judgement to her coaching and group facilitation. 

Casandra believes that coaching creates a confidential space where ideas and feelings are explored while layers of misperceptions are safely peeled away. Clients learn to expand their leadership capacity and become more purposefully engaged with life.  Sharing self-reflection with a skilled coach is a powerful process. Deep listening, astute paraphrasing, and life wisdom are utilized as growth tools. This leads to clearer thinking, focused intentions, and meaningful actions. Everyone can benefit from coaching, especially in situations that are challenging, complicated, and important. A few sessions with a skilled coach can spark breakthrough moments that catapult awareness and manifest true and permanent transformation.  

Casandra is an Ordained interfaith minister, Reiki Master, and artists with several alternative healing modalities in her toolbox.  


David Forster

Leadership Consultant & Coach

David has had a career spanning over 40 years where his varied postings have included founder and CEO of a VC backed startup (10 years) to GM of an acquired company at a large global MNC (3 years). From a professional French horn player playing Broadway shows (20+ years) to a service executive at two different MNCs (18 years) his career has been as varied as it is long.

The three constants in those 40+ years is 1) Always being a manager of people (his core competency leading anywhere from 2 to 500 people), 2) A core belief that most of the work of managing a team is done through 1:1s or small group meetings, and 3) Resolutely convinced and convicted that the heavy lifting of all professional jobs is based on R(elationships) and C(ommunications) – whether playing a Mahler symphony in an orchestra, leading a field service team, or managing a modern omni media contact center it all comes down to R & C (mainly through 1:1s) to grow and ultimately reach success. 

David has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester earning high distinction by being a winner in his school’s undergraduate research competition and having been published in a referred technical journal. During his VC backed startup tenure he was also a “visiting entrepreneur” for eight years at the Harvard Business School as well as participating in writing an HBS business case about his startup that is still taught in 2nd year marketing classes at business schools around the world.

Cara Gaboury

Leadership Consultant & Coach

A solid understanding of large organizational dynamics and insightful questioning.

Cara’s high-energy coaching style is question-based and approachable. With 24 years of corporate experience in a global company, she brings a solid understanding of large organizational dynamics, progressive growth, and development. As a VP of Operations, Cara has led large teams of people and managed $150M+ in P&L, while intentionally mentoring others and being an inclusive leader. Cara’s vision of success as a coach is to lead you to new insights through thoughtful dialogue, with kindness, humor and whimsy throughout. The goal of our upcoming sessions is to learn about your intention, inspire imagination, and invite you to creative action.

Cara holds a BSc from Lake Erie College and an MBA from Seattle University.

Pete Murray

Consultant & Leadership Coach

Pete brings over a decade of experience in marketing, public relations, and audience engagement. As Marketing Director for an internationally-acclaimed video game development studio, he helped operationalize multi-million dollar marketing plans from strategy into impactful execution. He built confident and effective public spokespeople and helped developers connect authentically with their audiences. Most recently he led an in-house department whose content strategy delivered 400% ROI while costing less than 35% of an external agency – all on-schedule and remote during the first year the COVID-19 epidemic.

Pete’s ability to connect ideas, themes, and goals to each other can help you make the leap from abstraction and theories to the practical and concrete. He now leads the Learning & Development program at his studio, guiding career development and lifelong learning.

Pete holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the University of Maryland, and a Masters of Arts in Psychology from Indiana University.

Suneethi Gudapati

Leadership Consultant & Coach

Suneethi, as an executive leader, has many years of experience mentoring and coaching teams. She has held executive leadership positions in a wide variety of businesses including semiconductors and medical devices. Suneethi has experience with small startup environments to large organizations with over $20B revenue in developing vision, strategy, and leading action oriented teams. She has a successful track record in developing high performance teams. Most recently, Suneethi has been responsible for leading a 100 member team in a multi billion revenue business with additional oversight of over 350 colleagues. She has also worked with elementary and middles schools mentoring children and teachers alike.

Suneethi’s passion is to provide mentorship, coaching and helping individuals realize their highest goals based their personal and professional vision. She has helped many individuals through life’s complex journey.

Suneethi holds a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Christina Gray Rigg

Consultant & Leadership Coach

With 24 years of experience in both large MNCs and start-ups, Christina brings a deep understanding of complex organizational structures, cultural dynamics and transformational strategy execution.  Christina has myriad of experience in research and development, designing customer experience, value-based customer success, and developing leadership capability transformational strategies through to execution for a €2.4B organization as well as successfully integrating mergers & acquisitions.  Her leadership is empathic while pragmatic with a deep passion to create better conversations through developing Psychological Safe spaces between leaders, people managers and talent and across teams.

As a coach, Christina integrates her business experience and direct yet compassionate, non-judgmental approach to conversations to guide individuals through forging their unique path toward their true potential. She comes to every conversation believing that everyone is fully whole and already possesses everything they need; it is a matter of setting intentions and shifting perspectives to see themselves and the world differently.

Christina holds a BA in Sociology, a MSc in Organization and Business Psychology, and is PMP, Lean and Agile Certified. Her academic work focuses on MNC covering and concealing behaviors and lost talent energy expenditures and leadership behaviors that focuses on drawing the full talent from the individuals they engage.


Janessa Hunter

Leadership Consultant & Coach

Janessa is an executive coach with deep experience in building leadership teams. She has 17 years of experience leading Human Resources departments and partnering with business leaders on creating organizational culture through leadership development. Janessa’s HR career has been focused in the tech industry. Her approach combines the deep understanding of organizational dynamics, team culture and bringing forward the natural strengths of each leader. The impact of her work has led to higher efficiency in teams, reduced turnover, promotion in roles and overall company growth.

Janessa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a double concentration in Human Resources Management and International Business from Gonzaga University and a Master of Business Administration from San Francisco State University. She is attending the Hudson Institute Coach Certification Program.

Additionally, Janessa sits on the Board of Alpha Supported Living Services, a Washington state non-profit that supports adults and children with developmental disabilities. She has had roles on the board of President and Head of the Compensation Committee.

Maria Zambrano

Leadership Consultant & Coach

“Get out of your own way.  Exercise the power you’ve been given for greatness!”

Maria is a coach with over twenty years of experience exercising practical leadership to build effective partnerships across and between organizations. She has held leadership positions in a wide variety of environments ranging from Program Director at well recognized educational organizations to Software testing / Technical Support Chief Director for mobile innovating companies.  Maria holds several degrees ranging from Paraprofessional Accounting, Software testing Engineer and Early Childhood Education.  She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Maria blends her leadership skills with her ability to exercise active listening, sound judgment, tact, diplomacy, integrity and professionalism to profoundly influence and embrace growth in others.  Consistently recognized for her unique talent to connect through the heart, enabling families, children, and individuals to solve complex situations. Her passion motivates and inspires others to live authentic lives incorporating more meaningful choices aligned with personal values. Through a process of empathetic listening- not just of words, and by implementing other Clarity Compass principles, she leads clients to self-discovery and transformation.  Her coaching goals are to assist clients in identifying their own blocks, learn how to make positive choices, and embrace their power to take action.

Abigail Lynam, PhD

Leadership Consultant & Coach

Abigail is a leadership development educator, coach and consultant. Her doctoral research focused on the application of adult developmental psychology to leadership development. She taught for several universities including Lesley University, the University of Massachusetts, Prescott College and Antioch Seattle. She currently teaches for Pacific Integral’s Generating Transformative Change leadership development certificate program in Seattle and Ethiopia.

Dan Leahy

Leadership Consultant & Coach

Dan Leahy is an innovative leadership development specialist. With 20 years of leadership education experience and another 16 years experience as a clinical therapist, he brings a unique blend of interpersonal and organizational perspectives to his work. His professional experience includes serving as President of the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS, Inc.) from 2001 to 2007.

Dan is committed to leadership development. Since he believes that leadership is fundamentally a dance between the leader, the followers and the organizational mission, his approach focuses on helping the individual develop the ability to both take a stand and stay connected with others in service of the desired results. Given his work in adult education, his approach is one that emphasizes inquiry and directed reflection tailored to the individual’s circumstances.

Dan holds Bachelors Degrees in Communication Arts and Sociology from Washington State University and a Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science from Whitworth College. His postgraduate training includes the Art & Practice of Leadership Development program at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, Peter Bloch’s Regional School for Managing, Leadership Eastside, and Pacific Integral’s two-year Generating Transformational Change program. He is a board member for the Center for Ethical Leadership Board and is Co-Vice Chair for Curriculum and Programs on the board of Leadership Eastside.

Jennie Sze

Leadership Consultant & Coach

Jennie Sze is a consultant with 15+ years of experience in strategy, leadership development, employee engagement and customer experience. Jennie consulted on organizational culture change initiatives with Disney Institute. She led customer service strategy and programs with Starbucks Coffee Company. She was a consultant with Boston Consulting Group, providing support to a variety of clients including consumer packaged goods, real estate, manufacturing, retail, and financial services. Jennie is passionate about helping leaders achieve their goals by discovering their own leadership, and by building high-functioning teams.

Jennie received her Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and her B.A. in business economics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Suzi Schadle

Leadership Consultant & Coach

Suzi Schadle, Leadership Consultant and Coach with Clarity Compass Consulting, has more than 30 years of experience in training, curriculum development, sales and marketing, operations management, customer service, organizational and leadership development consulting, and public speaking. She has held numerous leadership and executive positions, including Vice President of an international hospitality organization. In 1990, she founded ServiceWorks, a Seattle-based consulting firm, assisting organizations with vision, mission and goal creation, change and transition, team building, and leadership development. Suzi has developed and facilitates Leading From Spirit, a program which focuses on integrating and applying leadership practices with spiritual principles in all arenas of life.  As part of the program, she expanded on the visioning process developed by Dr. Michael Beckwith, featured in The Secret, to move vision into results-focused action.  Suzi is a certified Coach of Dr. Gary Simmons’ Integral Leadership Program, based on the Integral Leadership work of Ken Wilber.

One of Suzi’s passions is bringing people together for a common purpose. She has a unique talent for seeing the connections between people, ideas and tangible outcomes. Her contagious sense of humor and enthusiasm inspire a positive and empowering environment where people experience and express their highest and best.

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