The Clarity Compass

Would You Rather Be Right or Effective?

We all like to be right. It’s human nature. In fact, one of the hallmarks of strong leadership is having confidence in your decisions. But I’d be willing to bet that you’ve gotten into trouble at some time in your life because what you assumed was true didn’t quite line up with the reality of the situation.

Ironically, in my work I’ve found that it’s only in learning to “soften” around your own perspective on what is right that you can find the best path forward, and be a truly effective leader. So while being right may be gratifying, you and I both know that blindly charging ahead and relying only on your sense of certainty will leave you lost and alone. Unfounded certainty starts with your Ego which is constantly seeking control, frequently getting in your way, and sometimes tripping you up completely.

That’s where the Clarity Compass comes in.

The Clarity Compass is a leadership tool designed to support you in being more effective and skillful in terms of getting you out of your own way, to where you want to be—with greater speed, grace and ease.


Clearing the Blind Spots Out of Your Reality Map

None of us sees the world with perfect clarity. Our limited perspective on reality is what I call our “Reality Map”—the blueprint that reflects the way we have thought about and constructed our lives and built our worldview.

Within our Reality Maps there are Blind Spots, inaccuracies that create challenges in how we engage with the world, particularly with how we relate to those around us.

The Clarity Compass tool helps us to recognize and acknowledge the inefficiencies or shortcomings caused by Blind Spots present in our Reality Maps so that we can improve our relationships and be more effective partners and leaders.

I’ve worked with many great leaders, from CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies to newly funded start-ups, and one of the primary skills they utilize is the ability to quickly and accurately recognize the motivations of others. When practicing this tool, you’ll get the most insight if you open yourself up to different perspectives. Examine the areas of your life you are most scared to face. Permit yourself to be vulnerable in pursuit of transformation. This process isn’t trivial; it is the Heart of bravery.


Navigating Your World With The Two Polarities

The Clarity Compass is comprised of Two Polarities organized around the four directions of a compass: Intentions to Actions (North to South) and Facts vs. Stories (East to West). As you work with the Two Polarities, you’ll explore each direction of the compass in detail:

Intentions to Actions Polarity


The main idea of the Intentions to Actions polarity is acknowledging the direct flow between our desired outcome and how we try to reach that goal. If our intentions are unclear, the Actions that we take will be ineffectual. Having a crisp clarity of purpose drives our Actions towards the singular result of meeting the needs of any situation. Our Actions are driven by deeper wants. The more clearly we articulate our Intentions, the greater that clarity and focus can flow into highly-leveraged actions.

Facts vs Stories Polarity


You need to have a solid grip on the facts of a situation and be conscious of where you are assuming that some of your Stories are facts. Those assumptions will influence your thinking and distort your decision-making process. The Facts Versus Stories Polarity highlights the difference between observation and interpretation. The first step in recognizing our own subjectivity is to focus on what we know: Facts. Facts can be objectively observed; they cannot be disputed. Stories, on the other hand, are concepts and ideas we believe, but have no first-hand proof. This polarity will teach you to draw clear distinction between observable facts and your personal stories.

If you’re interested in exploring the Clarity Compass further please click HERE to download the Clarity Compass worksheet.


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