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Why work with a Coach?

As organizations and leaders adjust to the ever-changing economic environment, they must ask themselves:

  • What skills do leaders need to develop a compelling new vision?
  • How will leaders need to act differently than they have in the past?
  • What agreements and behaviors have to be in place in order to pull the business strategy through successfully?
  • What level of buy-in exists on the team to ensure success?
  • What’s in place to ensure the change will stick?

Clarity Compass Consulting is uniquely qualified not only to know the right questions, but more importantly, guide you through a process to co-create the answers, develop and apply the vision, and foster the agreements and skills necessary to transform your leadership culture and fulfill your business strategy and commitments.

Our Leadership Model

Our Clarity Compass Consultants use the following models to link executive performance with business results.

Vision + Execution + Results:

If all leadership activities are not focused specifically on vision, execution, and results, then you are wasting your time and money. We help leaders bring balanced focus to each of these areas:

  • Vision: Craft a clear direction to inspire and motivate people to engage and contribute
  • Execution: Guide structures, resources, roles and tasks that compel concerted action towards results
  • Results: Challenge people to deliver on key measures linked to end goals

Leadership Coaching

Coaching results in positive impacts at many levels. At the individual level, coaching increases productivity and improves performance for the leader and those in the leader’s sphere of influence. At the organizational level, coaching can help to retain top-value leaders and can be a tangible way to manage an organization’s best talent. Finally, by creating accountability, coaching offers a practical way to align strategic goals, cultural changes or business results with an organization’s leadership capability and leadership behaviors.

Brit brings a common sense approach to executive coaching that has been very beneficial to my development as a professional. He combines active listening with a constant drive to push my limits and way of thinking. When I am with Brit I always feel part of a two-way dialogue which is a welcome change within the coaching industry.  I am a better leader today because of my time with Brit and I highly recommend his services.

Chris Stephenson

National Co-Leader, Grant Thornton LLP

Training & Development

The Clarity Compass Leadership Program provides participants with the skills and resources they need to increase personal contributions to their organization. The focus of the program is both on the individual’s personal role in advancing business goals, and also on their group membership and collaboration synergy. This training helps people come together with the aim of becoming more effective in their interactions with each other as well as with other teams, management, and clients/customers.

The Clarity Compass program has three main intentions behind it:

  • To deepen the participants’ understanding of the Clarity Compass
  • To continue to practice, develop and refine the skills of using the Clarity Compass
  • To support participants in bringing those techniques and skills into their day-to-day interactions with others

As participants progress through the program, they come to recognize how greater interpersonal skills can elevate them to the next level of performance. During the sessions, each participant applies the Clarity Compass to a current challenge or opportunity that she/he is facing to help learn the tool and advance her/his professional development.

Ultimately, the Clarity Compass Program helps people see how their perspectives, beliefs, and opinions influence the way they engage with others. Participants gain a richer understanding of their current challenges and opportunities, which acts as a springboard for them to create new approaches and actions that are significantly more effective than what they might have done otherwise.

Clarity Compass Consulting currently offers two different versions of the Clarity Compass Program:

I was fascinated by the effectiveness and simplicity of the clarity compass the very first time I learned it. I have decided to use it in my team after my return to Germany and I could immediately see the results: our meetings are now more effective, our communication is efficient, quick and goal oriented. We are driving actions with more focus and definitively getting better results.

Luca Dellacroce

Procurement Engineering Business Partner, Philips Health Systems

Brit Poulson engaged with our team, both individually and as a group to help us identify our dysfunctionality. He engaged our team skillfully and made a number of direct challenges to our pre-conceived methods. This has already made an impact and we are more cohesive as a leadership team as a result. I have personally enjoyed our interactions and would recommend his style and approach to the leaders and teams in need of direction and clarify of purpose.

Daniel Johnson

Principal, Stantec Architecture Ltd

1 Hour Intro Session

In this short introduction, you will apply The Clarity Compass tool to a specific challenge/opportunity ahead of you. You’ll learn a new framework to navigate communication challenges more skillfully, collaborate more creatively, or create overall efficiency. This is a great way to start engaging with the ideas of the Clarity Compass and familiarize your team with an overview of the tool.

Working with Brit has helped me better identify my strengths and weaknesses as a manager.  I saw real improvement in my communication and leadership style almost immediately in the form of renewed energy and responsiveness from my team members. As I continue to work with Brit, I feel more self-aware and able to motivate and lead people.

Max Kay

Bâden Sports

6 Session Course

The 6 session course offers a more in-depth education in use of the Clarity Compass over a period of 4-6 months. You would have 1 day-long session one to two times a month. This allows for ongoing support as you explore using the Clarity Compass and allows our team to help yours work through any troubles you are having implementing the tool in your lives and work.

In working with Brit, I’m much more aware of my own habits and reactions that cause me to get stuck and not produce. I’ve learned to identify those behaviors earlier and as a result, I am much more timely and effective in working through issues and getting to results. I appreciate the way he continues to push just the right amount to get to the heart of the issue.  Brit takes great care to be aware of how much information or reflection I can deal with and thus is effective at getting results.

Trixie Pennington

F5 Networks

I never worked with a professional coach before Brit. Having Brit as my professional coach has been one of the best things in my career. I am originally from China and have been working in a large business corporation in the U.S. for many years. Brit is unexpectedly experienced with both Chinese and American culture, and is able to identify the mixed cultural influence in my behavior amazingly well. From working with Brit in the past year, I have gained strong clarity and focus as a business leader, and have experienced the transformation from my vision to reality.

Sophia Zhou, PhD


Custom Offerings

We’re always happy to work with you to build a custom course in order to meet your team’s needs. Whether that course is training, facilitation, or one-on-one coaching packages, we’d love to speak with you about it. For uniquely tailored programs beyond those listed above, or for other Clarity Compass offerings, please let us know what you’re looking for.

Through Brit’s coaching I was able to achieve a high level of self awareness that has helped me tremendously in my current position. Through his careful probing of the issues he quickly understood my strengths and areas for improvement. With diligence and compassion he was able to push me to grow which has helped focus my career direction and allowed me to drive positive change within our firm.

Troy Thrun


Clarity Compass Clients

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