Training & Development

Participants gain the skills and understanding they need to increase their contributions to the organization. The focus of the program is both on the individual’s personal role in advancing business goals, and on their group membership and collaboration synergy. This training helps people come together with the aim of becoming more effective in their interactions with each other as well as with other teams, management, and customers.

The Clarity Compass training and development program provides participants with the skills and resources they need to increase personal contributions to their organization. The course work will:

As participants progress through the program, they come to recognize how greater interpersonal skills can elevate them to the next level of performance. During the sessions, each participant applies the Clarity Compass to a current challenge or opportunity that she/he is facing to help learn the tool and advance her/his professional development.

Ultimately, the Clarity Compass training and development program helps people see how their perspectives, beliefs, and opinions influence the way they engage with others. Participants gain a richer understanding of their current challenges and opportunities, which acts as a springboard for them to create new approaches and actions that are significantly more effective than what they might have done otherwise.